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    Mattress Cleaning Sydney

    Dust, bacteria, and mites are mostly found in our mattresses. Most people ignore this! Indeed, we cover our mattresses with clean sheets and this gives us the impression of sleeping in a bed with impeccable hygiene.

    • The mattress is an ideal place for the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria because it is hot, humid and collects a large number of dead skin residues which are lost each night during our sleep.
    • In addition to dust and mites, our mattress also contains our body fluids, perspiration, bacteria, and other micro-organisms.
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    • Mattress Cleaning Method

      The method we use is designed to cleanse your mattress in-depth, for an immediate and lasting impact on your well-being. We recommend doing it once a year.

    • Results

      Our professional equipment allows us to achieve this result in a 100% natural way, without any chemicals!