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Learning carpet cleaning how to carpet clean like a Professional REQUIRES Both Knowledge and Professional Level Equipment and you are about to learn the tips and tricks you need to get professional level results.  Think about the last time you paid someone to clean your carpets and the results.  Were you happy or disappointed?  If you were happy you are likely not going to be here because you would just go to those people and pay them to clean your carpets again right?  Unless of course, they were so expensive that you simply believe the cost-benefit is not high enough to go that route again.  Fortunately, you can get the same results of professional sparkling clean carpets as long as you know what you are doing and use professional-grade chemicals and equipment.

How to Clean Carpet – Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

Let’s talk for a moment about “Steam Cleaning Your Carpets”. This sounds great doesn’t it… fresh hot steam cleaned carpets?  Well, the reality is carpets are not steam cleaned, they are Hot Water Extracted.  Yes, there are steam cleaners for hard surfaces that actually use water heated past the boiling point.  But for carpet cleaning the water is not heated to the point of creating steam, instead, the water is heated very hot, mixed with a cleaning solution, injected into the fibers, agitated, and then immediately extracted.  Hot water extraction is how to clean carpet for professional results.

The trick to clean carpeting is using the right chemicals for the job, injecting just enough hot soapy solution into the fabric of your carpeting to the correct depth, applying just the right amount of agitation, then sucking the dirty solution up and away from your carpet fibers. You absolutely must remove as much of the dirty solution as possible and not over dampen the carpeting.  This may seem difficult but it’s really not, it’s all about the right carpet cleaning equipment and chemical solutions.  You should also spot treat any problem spots before you begin.

And please note that Shaw Manufacturing the World’s largest carpet manufacturer recommends Hot Water Extraction NOT chemicals dry cleaning.  Dry cleaning doesn’t work, it just reaches the surface dirt then leaves chemical residue on your floors.  Think of it like this… if you were going to take a shower would you just coat yourself with soap and then wipe it off?  How would you feel after that? Right… terrible and itchy. Your floors are the same, you must remove the residue to leave the floors clean.  If you do not remove the residue it just gets ground back into your carpet.  This dry carpet cleaning can actually shorten the life of your carpeted surfaces.

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