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    Commercial Carpet Cleaning sydney

    At Pros Carpet Cleaning, we do not only have the health of your home at heart but also your business (s). Whether it is a large boutique or a small store, for rugs or rugs throughout the floor, we will know how to clean everything thoroughly to ensure inviting cleanliness for your customers. Calcium, salt, and mud can eventually build up and leave marks on your commercial carpets; just give us a call to take advantage of our fast and efficient services. It is possible for us to perform a quick and efficient cleaning of your commercial carpets, just make an appointment. You will see that your business will look great with rugs that will look like they've come out of the factory! OUR COMMERCIAL CARPET CLEANING PROCESS Here are the different cleaning steps that punctuate the cleaning of a carpet with Pros Carpet Cleaning (depending on their relevance):

    • Suction dust removal
    • Stain removal with products specific to each type of task
    • Manual brushing of the dirtiest areas
    • Switching to the mono brush and dry foam (if the condition warrants it)
    • Cleaning with spraying/injection of cleaning product
    • Extraction/suction of dirt.
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      We have had the opportunity to collaborate with a large number of customers and to restore their trust. We have thus been able to develop our expertise in carpet cleaning through contact with numerous commercial players. Thus, we are able to maintain rugs of all types: Office mats, Shop carpets, Dealer mats, Shopping center carpets, And more...


      In the specialized industrial cleaning, the cleaning after building, the commercial and institutional cleaning, or a pharmaceutical cleaning or food, trust us! We are recognized experts in our field and our maintenance services will meet your expectations!