Here we will talk about the best carpet cleaning equipment. Which will help you to clean your carpet more effectively and efficiently.  Have you ever just wanted to know what the best way to clean your carpets is? If you don’t like me, I will show you some of the good methods. I wanted to share a simple easy-to-use solution that truly left your carpets sparkling clean. So I began my research into all the brands.

Here is briefly what you need to know! Most carpet manufacturers recommend “Hot Water Extraction” to clean their carpets – including Shaw (the worlds largest manufacturer) But here are some simple carpet cleaning tips and facts:

Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment Are:

Hot Water – effective cleaning requires Hot Water – in the neighborhood of 140 degrees delivered to the carpet surface (about the same as your dishwasher). Always buy a machine that heats the water.

Lift – Vacuum Lift is measured by how far up a glass tube the unit can pull a vertical column of water. Commercial grade equipment will lift in excess of 100 inches.

Chemicals – Chemical cleaning should be applied to the carpet BEFORE the hot water extraction process. The carpet extraction equipment then lifts out the chemicals.
PH Balance – When using chemicals be sure to check with your dealer to make sure you use the proper Acid rinse (most chemicals have a high pH base and this needs to be neutralized in the rinse process)

Noise – Carpet cleaning equipment can make considerable noise – be sure to wear hearing protection if you are going to be cleaning for an extended period of time.

Dry Cleaning – all cleaning methods use some amount of water! Dry cleaning methods rely upon chemicals to bond to the dirt that is “dry vacuumed” later. Some dry cleaning companies also employ “brightening” agents to make the carpet appear cleaner. We recommend hot water extraction, not dry cleaning.
These are just some of the basics. Your dealer or janitorial supply company can help you pick the right cleaning chemicals and purchase or rent the right equipment.